Thursday, May 13, 2010

Walgreens Register Rewards and new Card system

So Walgreens has a new card system, where you earn points and gift cards and so forth. This is in a beta market right now, and some people are noticing that in these areas where the card system is in testing, there are not the rr deals.

NOOOOOOO!!! Don't do away with the rr deals!

So, if you go HERE you can sign a petition telling Walgreens not to eliminate the rr deals.


  1. Brandy,

    I am in the process of learning about couponing at wal-greens. I hope they don't get rid of RR! Do you think it is the economy and so many new couponers?(I am a fairly new couponer by the way :)

  2. Hi Brandy,
    Off topic I was wandering if I could pick your brain for a minute. There is the new Target Bounty 1/1 that came in last weeks inserts. I swear that last summer there was a sale at Publix for the 'Pick A Size' paper towels and people were combining the target 1/1 with the .25/1 mani Q and spending maybe .25cents after both q's were used. Can you recall if that was the case. It would be a great deal if they did it again, I might hold on the Target Q's till they get close to expiring. I think I remember reading the deal last summer on "I Love Publix" blog but now that it's private I am unable to look through her old posts.
    Sorry for the long post.
    Thank you in advance for any advice.

  3. SAHM- I know that Walgreens has been struggling the last few years and have been making some changes, doing away with the monthly rebate program was the first. *sigh* I just hope they don't get rid of the rr's!

    Christa, I don't remember that deal in particular (and we didn't get that coupon here- boo!) I do know that the Bounty Basic are priced around a dollar at Target, so they should be free there. HTH!!