Sunday, May 2, 2010

If you've never shopped Rite Aid, this is the time to start!

I am loving Rite Aid right now! Here's some mm's not to pass up!

Use a $5/20 or $5/25 with any of these deals to save even MORE money!

**Note** The Everlast coupons have the RA logo on them. RA's policy is not to accept internet printables over $5 UNLESS they have the RA logo- so these q's are good at RA and should be accepted.

Benevia drinks $8.99 bogo (deal good through 5/15)
-$2/1 Video Values coupon HERE
-$5/1 printable (no longer available, but doesn't expire until 12/21!)
-$3/1 ip HERE

Buy 2 Benevia $8.99
Use 2 $2/1 and 2 $3/1 coupons
=$1.01 overage

Covergirl Make-up bogo (deal good this week only)
-$2.50/2 mq 5.02.10 P&G insert
-$bogo mq 04.11.10 P&G insert

Buy 4 Covergirl Make-up (prices vary, but make sure two of each are the same price b/c the coupon states "equal or lesser value")
Use 2 bogo mq's and 1 $2.50/2 coupon
=$2.50 overage

Nature's Bounty Vitamin bogo (deal good through 5/15)
-$2/1, $3/1, $5/1 mq (go HERE to get more info on getting these coupons)
-$1/1 Video Values coupon

Buy 2 Vitamin D $4.99
Use 2 $5/1 mq's and 2 $1/1 RA VV coupons
=$7.01 overage

Everlast Vitamin bogo $19.99 (deal good through 5/15- found at stores with a GNC section)
-$10/1 RA printable HERE
-BOGO RA printable HERE (expires 5.11.10)

Scenario 1
Buy 2 Everlast Vitamins $19.99 and one small filler
Use 1 BOGO coupon ($19.99) and 1 $10/1 coupon
=$15.00 overage

Scenario 2
Buy 2 Everlast Vitamins $19.99 and one small filler
Use 1 BOGO coupon ($19.99) and $5/20 coupon
=$5 overage

Scenario 3
Buy 2 Everlast Vitamins $19.99 and one small filler
Use 2 $10/1 coupons ($19.99) and $5/20 coupon
=$5.02 overage


  1. Are you really allowed to use a cover girl bogo with a 2.50/2 lol?

  2. YMMV of course, but I have done it with the last three bogo sales on the covergirl make-up. ;)

  3. I'm going to try the Cover girl when I'm up in Clarksville! Also, is the Everlast deal over now or was that suppose to be through 5/15? Just wondering if I should get the q's together for that one too.

  4. Everlast is still going- although my store only had 6 bottles of it to begin with and I bought all those over the last couple of weeks. I am going to ask them to order some for me and see if they'll do it- I have never asked them to special order for me before. They get their trucks in o Thursday afternoon...

  5. Did your store let you used the Everlast BOGO Free coupon with the $10 coupon?

  6. This makes me think of the last time they did the Cover Girl Bogo with the bogo coupons available. I took mine in there and was sooo exited! I grabbed some lipstick and powder and then incurred the wrath of the "beep" (aka register not taking the coupon). You will not believe what the cashier told me! She said, I'm sorry m'am, but lipstick isn't a face product.

    Uh, hello?! Where is she putting her lipstick?! I finally had to "settle" for free powder and foundation. I was happy in the end but will always laugh about that one. Let's see what they say this time.

  7. Lisa- I haven't done it yet b/c I had the $10/1 one, but I just found the bogo one and now my store is out of stock, but if your store is coupon friendly and you've got enough stuff to cover the overage, it should be fine.

    Technically, RA policy states
    1) You may use a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale
    2) You may use a BOGO coupon and a $x/xx coupon together
    3) You may use a coupon on the "free" item when the store offers a BOGO sale
    (they do state "as long as the total is not negative" so make of that what you will. I take it to mean the TOTAL transaction is not negative, and of course, mine never is)

  8. Cents- hehehe- yeah, the bogo coupon has been causing some beepage since it's coded improperly. Hopefully it will be ok this time. I haven't used mine yet since I wanted to use them with the $2.50/2s and I haven't bought any papers yet (none to be found!)