Saturday, June 20, 2009

Publix, Target and CVS 6/20/09

I received my $10 Swiffer gift card yesterday but I am having trouble activating it. If I could have gotten it to work, all my oop today would have been on that, so it would have been $0 oop, but no luck.

6 Axe shower gel trial size
2 Archer Farms Organic Tortilla Chips
1 Archer Farms salsa
2 Softsoap Ensembles pumps
Total oop: $6.50 with a $5 gift card leftover
Total savings: $23.05

2 Puffs Plus
2 Excedrin Migraine 24ct Express Gels
1 Tylenol Arthritis
2 Crest Pro Health
2 4lb bags Iams Dog Food
Total oop: $2.52
Total Savings: $44.36
I will also submit for a rebate for a free bag of Iams, so one additional bag of dog food with this total.
I also got a raincheck for 4 more bags of dog food because they were out.

6 Dannon Danimals 4-packs (Dannon-any product $.50/1 mq)
2 Caesar Salad Kits ($2/$5 produce flip, $.75/1 mq)
2 Revlon Emery Boards ($2/1 Pxq= Free+)
3 Degree Ion Deodorants ($1.50/1 mq, $1/1 Targetq= Free+)
4 Avocados ($2/$5 produce flip, $1/2 avocado mq)
6 Morningstar Veggie hot dogs ($2/1 mq, $2/2 Targetq= Free+)
2 Morningstar chicken nuggets ($2/1 mq, $2/2 Targetq= Free+)
3 Morningstar Crumbles ($2/1 mq, $2/2 Targetq= Free+)
11 Morningstar Grillers ($1/1 mq, $2/2 Targetq= Free)
10 Sara Lee Hamburger Buns ($.55/1 mq)
4 Sara Lee Hot Dog Buns ($.55/1 mq)
1 8th Continent Soy Milk ($1/1 mq)
2 Oikos yogurt ($1/1 Whole Foods.q, $.75/2 mq)
Total oop: $5.31
Total savings: $165.16
BUT The avacodos wrang up wrong- they were $1.79 and rang up $1.89, so I got one free and got the difference on one (she thought I only had two, but I had four, I told her not to worry about the other twenty cents. This was the manager that does NOT like giving overage, so if that put me in her good graces, then it was a twenty cents well spent) So I got $2.15 back, making my oop: $3.16 and my savings: $167.31
For a total savings percent of 98%
Although, I did buy my Morningstar coupons off EBay for $2.50, so I should add that into my total, making my total $5.66. Still pretty darn good!!

Total spending for the day: $12.18, with a $5 Target gift card earned.

And I'm headed to Walgreens here shortly.


  1. Brandy, what Publix did you shop @ today (Maryland Farms)? What manager are you talking about?

  2. BTW, where is your Starbucks ice cream????

  3. I went into the negative again at the Royal Oaks store yesterday in Franklin; didn't mean to (they handed me $1.20 out of the register).

    I'm too tired to post it on my blog but it was a fun trip. FREE starbucks ice cream, charcoal, 5 things of pork, ziplocs, bbq sauce, and 5 morningstar.

  4. I was at Maryland Farms- it is Carol. She has shoulder length blonde-ish hair and she always double-checks my coupons when I require approval for (too many coupons, over $50 etc). She no longer asks the cashiers if "she has coupons over the amount" because I have told her before that Marcy and Eric both ok'ed it. But she still doesn't like it. Marcy and Eric both will just come over, input their code and say, "Great job!" and carry on a conversation- the other manager (I don't know her name? Female, brown hair?) she doesn't seem to encourage the coupons, but she approves them without asking a bunch of questions.
    Now that I know Eric's stance on coupons, I can use that if Carol or anyone else gives me a hard time. :)

    I am going back on Monday and I'll get my ice cream then! I am holding out for the $2/1 coupons in the paper tomorrow- hoping that we get them. Otherwise, I'll have to use the $1.50/1 printables. :) (Still great, but no overage... that's pretty sad, huh?)

  5. That is so incredible that Royal Oaks will give you money back! I would have been negative today, but when it got down to $.41, she handed me back my last two coupons. Which is fine, because I can use them Monday! I'm getting the ziplocs on Monday too. Plus using up the rest of my charcoal q's.

  6. I was also given cash back at the Cool Springs store on Moore's lane (some of the Customer Service staff are really friends towards couponers). All that to say, I don't like to go into the negative if I can help it. Although I know that it is ethical I also understand that it really bothers some of the staff at the store. The older women get really upset. I try to avoid this scene if at all possible because the staff can sometimes view me as being unreasonable with my couponing. I tend to have more problems at night when I shop than I do during the day.

    I think that the managers have to stay late to count my coupons and this hinders them from leaving to be with their families. I think I'm going to stop shopping at night at Publix because the cashiers are the most unfriendly then. It would be like ordering 20 drinks at Starbucks right before they are trying to close. It's not viewed as being courteous and since I want to keep my cashiers happy I'll do whatever it takes.

    I gave the cashier all of my pork yesterday at Nipper's Corner because he was so helpful and I could tell that he was feeling nervous about my coupons. I want to have a good reputation so I've been spending more time giving some of my stuff away so that folks won't think that I'm just a super tightwad that's out to get Publix (even though we both know that isn't the truth). LOL.

  7. Can you tell me more about your conversation with Marcy and Eric? I'm assuming that the topic was overage? I would like to know what they said to you about the view that Publix takes on overage (if any). Is this just their personal view or does Publix take a stance? I've been trying to research this on the side.

  8. Awesome shopping! I'd like to know where you got the $1/2 Avocado coupon. :)

  9. Kelly, I didn't specifically ask about overage, but I am going to the next time I see Eric. Mostly Eric said that he won't refuse any coupon, ever (even if it's a year past expiration), he'd just say, we;ll be happy to take it, but "just this time" kind of thing. Marcy said that she appreciates all couponers and likes people to get good deals. I am going to give T-Leigh some things next time I see her (she wasn't there yesterday) b/c she's so awesome. I don't want top go into the negative either. I agree with you there.

    Crystal- I had one coupon, it was from a coupon booklet near the Corona at my Kroger store. It was a Corona booklet special. . . but I traded for 13 more from someone on HCW (he got them from the same booklet). I am on the hunt for more b/c my 4 year old can eat an entire avocado in a single sitting. :)

  10. I think the other manager that you don't know her name is Sandy....

  11. PS: DH works at Harpeth Village Publix, I know the Eric you are talkin of, and he is cool with coupons his family is friends of ours, and they use coupons to alot of times.. :)

  12. Yes, that's it- Sandy, you're right :) Eric seems really nice. I like him and his coupon-friendly nature!

  13. Eric and Sandy are good managers to get in good with... They are very nice folks :)

    Eric actually texted my hubs on Fathers Day LOL.. Thats how nice he is.. LOL.. Just very thoughtful, my hub and him used to carpool.. :)

  14. PS, glad to have found your blog, I blog to, and its nice to find other locals that have the same thoughts :)

  15. Oh Earthy Mama, thought I would add, you must be a long lost sister of mine LOL... We have alot of the same interest, baby wearing, mostly vegan, breastfeeding, cloth diapers, organic loving, new era hippie kid here LOL.. Are you on by chance LOL...TNEarthmama :)

  16. That's so cool! Yes, I'm on Diaperswappers- I don't get on there too terribly much, but ocassionally. I need to sell some pockets though, so I'll probably be jumping over there in a few days. :)