Saturday, June 27, 2009

Giving my friend a heart attack

We are in Georgia this weekend for Doug's family reunion and so of course I had to go to Publix. Luckily, she needed some groceries, so it wasn't too much to ask to go to one. LOL. I was basically looking for flyers, since I didn't bring any q's with me. . . and as I walked in- a huge display of the summertime savinss books- so I grabbed some more. Then we rounded the corner, and there was a display of the pet spiral-bound books. I gasped. Actually gasped. LOL! My friend who was with me jumped and put her hand on her chest, saying, WHAT? I said, the elusive pet coupon book!


She has cats, so she was appreciative that I grabbed her some too. (she is not a couponer. Not even a shopper. she goes in, gets a few things, and is done with it).

This pet book is pretty exciting since it is all Publix coupons. I anticipate some stacking options in the future since there are some mq's out for a lot of this stuff.

I also got two packs of Danonino for Natalya for tax only, using the coupon from the summertime savings book. (and tax here is so much cheaper!)

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