Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Publix: 6/30/09

Final day of June, and coupons expiring! Which means a trip to Publix was required. Darn it. ;)

Unfortunately none of my favorite cashiers were working, so I got in a line with a new cashier. I mean, shiny new. As in- didn't know how to enter a competitor's q new. He was fine except he wasn't very careful and some of my q's must have stuck together b/c all of them didn't come off the final total. I didn't feel like dealing with it because my 7 month old was screaming his head off, so I will hang onto the receipts and take them with me next trip- if the good manager is there, I'll ask her if they can adjust it- it should be an additional $5 in my favor. Still good deals though!

10 Clorox Green Works dishwashing detergent ($1/1 flip, $2/1 mq= Free+)
14 French's Mustard ($.50/1 mq= free+)
3 sliced Sargento cheese ($1/1 mq and $.50/1 mq)
4 Glad snack bags ($1/1 mq, $1/1 flip= free+)
1 Knox gelatin ($4/1 mq= free+)
4 Crystal Light canisters ($2/1 mq= free)
3 Crystal Light Skin Essentials (Free wyb CL q= Free)
4 Tostitos Family size Tortilla chips ($.55/1 wyb salsa)
2 Tostitos salsa (free wyb 2 chips q)
8 Reach floss (4-$2/1 mq, 4-$1/1 mq & 8-$1/1 Pxq= free+)
1 Iams dog food ($2/1 mq)
3 cans black beans (no q's)
4 dozen eggs (free wyb 2 Kellogg's= Free)
8 Kellogg's cereal ($1/1 Food Lion q, $.75/1 mq)
6 Apple and Eve juice ($1/1 Pxq, $.50/1 mq= free+)
2 mini seedless watermelons (no q's- should have had a $2/5 flip, but it got missed)
1 bag dried black beans (no q's)
Total oop: $11.79 (if I get my $5 back, it will be oop: $6.79)
Total savings: $203.90 (plus my $5= $208.90) or 97%

oh, I also went to Wal-Mart to get two All-You magaines and 3 packs of Kotex (free)
3 Kotex pads
2 All You Magazine
Total oop: $4.36


  1. Brandy, nice shop today. Jason went to Nipper's corner and he had a brand new cashier today too. :)

    Can you explain the Sargento coupons (I'm thinking one of those is supposed to be a competitor Q). Where did you find the Sargento coupons, the $4/1 Knox Gelatin coupon and the $2/1 Crystal light coupons? I haven't seen any of those. Do tell. :)

  2. I bet we had the same cashier! LOL! The Sargento coupons I got at Kroger. One was a Kroger catalina $.50/1, and two were coupons I picked up at kroger left by a coupon fairy- I believe from a Kroger home mailer (that's what they looked like)- one was $1/1 and one was $.50/1, both manu q's.

    The Knox was the printable from their site. I finally got our laptop hooked up to a printer, so I am catching up on printables that have been out for ages! :D

    The Crystal Light $2/1 q's are from the Wal-Mart All You magazine. There are some pretty good q's in the July issue, so I bought two, then took those and cut out the $.50/1 All You coupons in the mag themselves, and bought two more.

  3. Oh man. I'm so jealous. I used one of the $2/1 crystal light Q's from the All You magazine that I get at home. I kept thinking, "where did she get 4 $2/1 Crystal Light coupons?" I thought that maybe they put out a tearpad and I MISSED it!! I really love Crystal Light (probably as much as you love Morningstar). I drink it every day so that I ensure that my body gets enough water. I put just enough of it in my drink to make my water palatable (like a tsp. for 32 oz).

    I didn't know that the Knox coupon was still available on their site. Jason just got a new laptop; I'm going to go get me some knox coupons tonight!

    Jason and I have been buying that Sargento cheese every few days. It is so yummy. I had the Pepper Jack on a roast beef sandwich on Pepperidge Farm bread tonight. Can you say FREE sandwich. I love couponing.

    We were laughing tonight though as we prepared for some deals tomorrow. I told Jason that we hardly go through our stockpile and he looked at me and said, "that's because we are spending so much time couponing that we're never home to eat." So true.

    I can feel a break coming on....

  4. LOL about the stockpile!! I am starting to pass on super-cheap things because I have no room for it. I'm now often buying only free things and things I need. :) I have one $2/1 Crystal Light coupon left- it's yours. (I should have used it today, but the cashier made an error in my favor and I couldn't use the last q or I would have been in the negative, so she handed it back to me).
    I wish I knew more people that would mail me q's- I'd have them all mail me Knox q's!! LOL!!