Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Walgreens and Rite Aid

Went to Walgreens and Rite Aid today...twice each. LOL.

Trip one to Walgreens
10 boxes Oreo/Nilla Cakesters
4 Aquafresh
9 John Freida Shampoo/Conditioner
13 photos (individually packaged @ $.19/ea)
5 trial size Baby Powder
Total oop: $20.63
Total savings: $105.57 (80%)

Trip one to Rite Aid
(I just realized the Toothpaste rang up $3.79 instead of $2.69 so I need to go back and have that corrected) No, we don't need a wart remover, but it was free after rebate, and I wanted to get over $25 so I could use a $5/$25 coupon.
1 Skin Clinic Wart Remover
1 Crest Toothpaste
1 Renuzit Odor Neutralizer
1 Ace bandage
1 Suave deodorant
Total oop: $23.09 (should have been approx. 21.89 if toothpaste had rang up correctly)
Total savings: $6.75
Rebates to get back: $22.17
Total oop after rebates (and refund on toothpaste): -$.28

Trip two to Walgreens
2 20oz Mountain Dew
2 travel bag Doritos
3 John Freida Shampoo/Conditioner
1 trial size Baby Powder
Total oop: $4.19
Total savings: $25.34 (83%)

Trip two to Rite Aid
(this was a necessity trip, I needed some wet dog food to mix the dog's medicine in and when I was at Rite Aid earlier, I saw some Chef Michael's that were bogo with a coupon on them for a free can. Instead of buying one can for $1.29 at Wags, I will get three for the same price.)
2 2-packs Chef Michael's canned food
3 Starbucks bottled frapucchinos
Total oop: $4.46
Total savings: $3.00 (so not great, but I needed the dog food and I will get two more free cans with the coupons off the packages)

$7 rr's leftover for Wags. I am going to be getting some Ensure when I get the coupons I ordered, so I'll use these rr's toward that.

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