Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Target, Rite Aid and Kroger

Made a run to Target and Kroger and then to Rite Aid to get my $.99 back for the deo that was more expensive at the second place I went. Weird.
Target was frustrating. Depending on the cashier and manager and placement of the sun and moon in orbit, depends on what you can use coupons on. Today I wasn't able to use my $1/1 Axe any item coupons on the trial size items b/c they are $.97. ugh. I also could have potentially saved another $2 if I had another Softsoap mq, but I was only able to print one. The chips/salsa deal is, buy two bags Archer Farms chips and get one 16oz Archer Farms salsa free. My Target doesn't even carry the 16oz size of Archer Farms salsa (only 28oz size) so they allowed me to substitute Tostitos salsa in place of the Archer Farms. Awesome.

Rite Aid
refund of $.99 for difference in cost of Sure for Men at the second Rite Aid (I will also get reimbursed $2.99 for each by Sure for their "Try Sure Free" program, as well as getting 2.99 back from Rite Aid for each one.)

2 Softsoap Ensembles pumps
4 bags Organic tortilla chips
2 Tostitos salsa
2 Kraft Miracle Whip easy-out
1 box "doggie cookies" (the downside of taking the kids with you)
1 Old Spice deo
Total oop: $2.50 (and I have $2 left on a gift card)
Total savings: $28.21 or 91% (I think= target's receipts are so confusing)

6 Huggies softpack wipes
1 Softsoap pump
1 pineapple
Total oop: $2.71
Total savings: $16.44 (85%)
(except I just realized I think the cashier gave me an extra $.20 in change back - oops)


  1. great deals! what is with you always getting more money off/back than what you should-I need to go shopping with you, haha!

  2. I know! I have been very lucky. I must have done something to make the coupon gods happy. LOL. Actually, I just aim for the young cashiers who really don't care about coupons and who get a little flustered when you hand them a stack- and have a crying baby with you. :D They are trying to rush you out of there- luckily most of the mistakes have been in my favor rather than the other way around.