Monday, November 1, 2010

Walgreens Week of 10/31

Wow! Has it really been over two weeks since my last post?

Gosh, sorry! Things have been a little nuts.

So there are a few items at wags this week that might be worth a trip in. I need the cough syrup (too bad I don't have the q's), and the MM on the Sinex is always good ;)

So here's an idea, for those like me starting without any rr's, and without the Zarbee's q...

Trans 1
2 Sinex 20ct 2/$10

2 $4/1 Sinex mq 10.10.10 P&G

=$2 oop

Earn $5 RR

Trans 2
1 Zarbees Cough $5.99
1 filler $.34
=$6.33 +tax

$5 rr from trans 1

=$1.xx +tax

Earn $6 RR

If you have the Zarbee's coupon, maybe you could do this:

Trans 2
1 Zarbee's $5.99
2 Sinex 2/$10 (ROLLING!)
1 filler $.34

$3/1 Zarbees
2x $4/1 Sinex
$5 rr from Trans 1
= -$16


earn $6 rr (Zarbees), $5 rr (Sinex... normally this wouldn't work, but it's reported to be rolling)

For those lucky enough to have multiple zarbees q's, rinse and repeat using the Sinex rr, saving the zarbees rr's. (lucky dogs!)


There are also multiple P&G deals. I haven't figured out the BEST way to do one yet, but I'm still looking. I'll get back to you when I find a good one. I suspect it will be using those $5/Olay wyb Secret q's. Awesome q's.


  1. Ughhhh, Walgreens.... I want out!!!! lol

    Which reminds me, I gotta write an email.
    I was going to call, but I can't elucidate as well when speaking as I can in writing.

  2. lol It's been so long since I've shopped at a Wags, I had to remind myself of the rules. :D I also have no rr's or current q's matching the sale. *gasp*

  3. BTW, I had the $3 off fruit wyb 3 Kashi peelies too but couldn't find any fresh fruit at Rite-Aid. :( I just wasted $21 in coupons for fresh fruit. Waaa! Waaa!