Monday, November 29, 2010

Kroger run-down

Here's what I got today. No Popcorn yet as I can't find any marked boxes. I also just found the Krusteaz deal, so that's on my list for this week as well.

4 transactions:
126 Bumblebee pouches $.49/ea
-$.55/1 blinkie
1 Silk Almondmilk $1.99
-$1/1 ecoupon (no longer available)
-$.75/1 ip
2 Pringles $.99/ea
-$1/2 P&G bookletq
1 McCormick Cocktail Sauce $1.00
1 bunch bananas $.90
1 Salad Mix, clearance $.99
1 Doritos $2.75
6 Pillsbury biscuits $.59/ea (get $3 cat wyb 6)
-$.75/3 blinkies
15 Duracell batteries $1.50/ea (get $3 cat wyb 5/$15)
-$1.50/1 mq

Tax: $7.00
Total oop: $7.41

Total Saved: $272.88 (!!!)

And, I have $13 in cats to use/roll. :) Started with $4 in cats.


  1. 126 Bumblebee pouches. LOL. That totally made me laugh. I love being extreme with you!

  2. Gotta love free batteries again. Woo-hoo! Shucks, now I miss Kroger too.

  3. Your store must be special, because my Kroger does not shelve 126 pouches of tuna.

  4. Candi- lol! I wish!! That was multiple stores. :D

    You guys are funny. I have been picking up Bumblebee blinkies and hoarding them ever since I spotted the ones expiring in 12/31... I just KNEW there would be a mega sale before then. And My hub wats one to two pouches a day while on the road, so it's someething I am going to have to pay for if I can't find a deal on them. In fact, I was going to go to *ugh* Wal-Mart to buy them yesterday for $.12 after coupon price, when I saw the new mega list. I was ecstatic!

    Kelly, hehehe

  5. Just checked my blinkie stash to see if I could send you some more but, alas, I only have the .75/1 bumblebee can Q and the medley Q. :(