Sunday, November 7, 2010

Walgreens, looking ahead

If you took advantage of the Zarbee's and Vick's deals, and have some $5 and $6 rr's to roll before the HUMONGOUSLY AWESOME Thanksgiving day deals, I would skip this week and roll these puppies next week.

Kids EEze Cough and Cold $4.99, Earn $5 rr

Vicks' products 2/$10, Earn $5 rr wyb 2
-$4/1 Sinex mq

Easy roll of the $5 Sinex into the Kids EEze, with a small filler.

Roll the Zarbee's
2 Vicks $10
1 Kids Eeze $4.99

2x $4/1 Sinex
$6 Zarbees rr

=$.99 oop +tax
earn $5 rr and $5 rr

If we find the Nyquil still rolling, consider doing a few of those deals to get some rr's for next week!

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