Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rite Aid, week of 11/14, And Why I only buy disposable diapers at drug stores.

Did I say it as going to be a slow week at Rite Aid? No, not me!

I was at the door when they opened at 8am, since I had to deliver my husband back to his truck at 9:30, and I didn't want to take the kids shopping, but then More deals cropped up today, as they tend to do. So it looks like I'll be headed back tomorrow. I wanted to go today, but I just can't bring myself to do it.

Anyway, here's some deals, and a few scenarios!

Revlon Lustrous Lipstick $7.99 bogo50%, get $4 +up wyb $10 Revlon/Almay
-$5/1 RAq (posted at
~Buy two for $11.98, use two $5/1 q's, pay $1.98, get $4 +up back

Thermacare $4.99 (sale) Buy 5, get $10 +up
-$3/1 printable Here
-$1/1 VVq
~Buy five for $24.95, add small filler, use 5/25, 5 $3/1 q's, $1/1 vvq, pay $3.95, get $10 +up back

Herbal Essences $2.99, get $2 +up
-$2/1 Clairol family q (picture of hair color- this q beeps at some stores, it did not at mine) 10.31.10 P&G
=$.99, get back $2 +up

Huggies $8.99, Get $3 +up
-$2/1 mq 11.14 SS
-$2/1 VV (Oct, no longer available)

Right Guard Deodorant BOGO
-BOGO mq
=2 Free

Gain Dish Detergent $.89
-$1/1 mq

Band-Aid Travel size $.99 bogo, Earn $2 +up wyb 2
-$3/3 mq
=small mm without q's, even better with q's!

Nature Valley Granola Bars 2/$4, Earn $1 +up wyb 2
-$1/1 RAq flu book
=$.50/ea wyb 2 w/2 q's

ETA: just realized there's a $.50/1 NV Chewy Bars and a $.75/2 NV bars coupon in the GM insert from 10.3 even better deal with those. Provided you can find them in stock. :)

Cheerios 2/$4, earn $1 +up wyb 2
-$1/1 mq HERE (register, q will be emailed)
-$1/2 VVq )Oct, no longer available)
=2 Free

SunMaid Raisins 6pk 4/$5, earn $1+up wyb 4
-$1/2 mq
=$.50/ea wyb 4 w/2 q's

A few scenario ideas:

Revlon lipstick 7.99
Revlon Lustrous Listick 3.99 (50%)
Herbal Essences $2.99
Herbal Essences $2.99
Herbal Essences $2.99
Herbal Essences $2.99
Gain $.89
Gain $.89
= $25.81

2x $5/1 Revlon RAq
4x $2/1 Clairol mq
2x $1/1 Gain mq
= $25

=$.81 oop

Earn 4x $2 +up, $4 +up

Huggies $8.99
8 Right Guard $4.49 bogo

$2/1 Huggies mq
$2/1 Huggies VVq
4 Right Guard BOGO mq


Earn $3 +up


  1. Rite Aid is overwhelming me lately.

    And I'm having trouble with a couple of stores insisting that Corp. told them not to accept ANY $5/$25 anymore.

  2. I was feeling the same way when I finally smacked myself around some and sat down to make my list. lol. No trouble with my stores accepting the 5/25, but even if they stopped, the deals are too good to pass up. :D

  3. Thank you soooooo much Earthy Mama,
    With bandaids, Herbal essences and Revlon deals I have managed to buy Huggies diapers and Glad trash bags and Diamond almonds (things I really needed)and grow my +ups from 15 to 50.
    And here I thought on sunday morning how am I gonna buy all that I needed with on 15+ups left, little did I know that MM would pop up.

    I also have had different explanations of the 5/25 some say nope some say 1 per customer and then some cashiers could care less. Although One shift manager whom I adore said she could lose her job allowing a customer to use too many 5/25 so who knows. I feel for her but I blame corp. for being inconsistent. Corporate released the pdf.

  4. Clairol q beeped at my store...kinda a bummer, no free shampoo for me...but I made up for it with another thermacare some lose the +UPS!!

  5. Christa- you're welcome! woohoo! great job!

    Navy- that stinks! No one seems to know why it's working at some stores and not others. It does NOT beep at Wags or CVS though, so hang onto them for Herbal Essences deals at one of those two stores (Wags has a deal on Thanksgiving for the HE, so mm there)

  6. Also I found at CVS $2/1 Revlon Peelies for the LUSTROUS Lipstick, couple that with the $5/1 and I think it's a MM. Although I am not sure if u can use both...I am not familiar with the RC49 and RC48 Barcodes and which ones count as store q's and Manu. Q's....I hope this kinda

  7. Thanks! we don't have CVS in my city. :( Yes, you can stack those! All RA q's that start with 48 or 49 can also be stacked with mq's.
    Awesome deal!! :D