Thursday, September 30, 2010


Don't forget your free Pantene Beautiful Lengths today!!

$2/1 Pantene Beautiful Lengths 8.29.10
expires today!!

These are ringing up BOGO50%, at 2/$4, and get $2 rr wyb 2!

1 Pantene BL $4.00
1 Pantene LB $2.00 (50% off)

2x $2/1 mq

=$2 oop
Earn $2 rr!

And... it's rolling!

So, you can turn around, buy two more with a Halloween tumbler $.16 (or other cheap item), and use the $2rr from the first transaction to get them for pennies, earn another $2rr!


  1. My store doesn't carry this type:(

  2. boo!! I asjed the SM ot order me some, but they didn't all come in, apparently they had to split up their truck so they're getting another truck tomorrow. I explained to him I had coupons expiring today, but since their coupons didn't get sent out until Saturday, me usithem one day expired really wouldn't matter, and he went with it. lol. so if they get more in tomorrow, he's going to call me so I can come get the rest. I had a ton of those q's and I hated to toss out such high value q's!!

    Especially for Pantene, which is my shampoo brand of choice.