Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rite Aid Super Monyeymaker

If you were lucky enought to find the $4/1 Biotrue tearpad coupons at Wal-Mart (check the vision center- I actually picked up more of them last week - no one seems to know about these here in Clarksville ;) and they were in a little basket on top of a shelf, on top of the case of lens solution, under some trash and a pair of glasses. lol. yes, I was looking HARD for them. lol)

These have an up+ reward printing at Rite Aid this week and since they are NOT on sale, any discount you get with your wellness card comes off the Biotrue.

Regularly priced at $4.99, with 10% off, these would be $4.49, with 20% off, makes them $3.99. Then you get a $4 +up for each one you buy. AND these are not limited! So you can buy as many as you want on one card!!

Here's what I did (I have a card with 20% off all non-sale items)
5x Biotrue $4.99 - 20% = $3.99/ea
1 Crest $2.99
Case of water $2.99 - 20% = $2.39

$.50/1 Crest mq (there's also $.75 and $1/1 mq's, regional)
-5x $4/1 Biotrue coupon

=$1.xx oop (including tax)

Earned 5x $4 +up (Biotrue) and $2 +up (Crest)

=$21 mm!!


  1. Duuuude, now I'm the jealous one. I only found those q's at one WM around here, and they got gone fast.

  2. I'll have to check around here. No one coupons here in my area so I'm hoping to find many of them. :)

  3. Kel- woohoo! Glad you're still couponing...just not at Publix. :) Eric said he saw Jason not too long ago.

  4. Yeah, we came back to Nashville for a visit a few weeks ago. We did a small shop one day. :)