Sunday, September 12, 2010

Super Diaper deal at Rite Aid

If you have a baby, or know someone who does and needs disposable diapers, here's a deal for you at Rite Aid this week!

Pampers Big box diapers (regularly priced @) $19.99
Earn $5 +up wyb ONE.
Then, If you buy $25 participating J&J products; earn $10 +up, Pampers are included.

Since this is the regular price, your wellness discount will apply.
10% discount = $17.99/box (if you have received a one time 10% shopping pass, now would be a great time to use it!)
20% discount = $15.99/box

So do this:

2 Pampers Big Box Diapers $19.99/ea (if you have a wellness discount, it will apply)

2x $1/1 Pampers 8.29 P&G (or check your stash, there are $2/1 home mailers and I had $1.50/1 q's from inside boxes I bought previously)

(use any ups you have to reduce oop)

Earn TWO $5 +ups for buying Pampers (there doesn't seem to be a limit!) and ONE $10 +up for buying J&J products

=$12.98 after ups for two boxes!

I have a 20% discount on my card, so my transaction looked like this:
2 Pampers $15.99/ea

2x $1.50/1 mq

I used $23 in +ups from previous purchases and then received $20 back! So basically, two BOXES of diapers cost $4 +tax.

There's nothing like rolling +ups on something you need!


  1. You can only get the $10 RR one time ($10/$30 in PG)I did a few deal today :) got 5 big boxes plus some other thing for only $33 after Coupon and Ups.

  2. Ymmv- posters On several of the big sites are reporting they have gotten multiple $10 ups- it seems to be different based on store or region and not corporate...

    Some people said they got the $10 each time but only got the $5 two or three times, so truly ymmv. :)

  3. That Crazy lol. I did it 3 times and only got the $10 one time but got the $5 5 times lol. On my paper it did say only one for the PG $10 :(. I wish I was one of them lol.