Thursday, September 30, 2010

Food Lion

It's time for a Food Lion trip!

FL has a huge bogo sale going on, and like Kroger and Publix, bogo items actually ring up at half price, so you don't have to buy two to get the deal.

Many Kraft items are included, so if you still have the $5/5 Kraft printable (or haven't printed it yet, from HERE)

You can get some great prices on Kraft!

Here are some items I am picking up:

Kraft shredded/blocks $2.79 bogo
Kraft singles $2.39 bogo
Kraft Philly Cream Cheese $1.89 bogo

The ad states limit 2 on the free items, so mix n match if your cashier gives you a hard time or break up the the transactions

Here's what I'm thinking
4 Kraft Singles $2.39 bogo
4 Kraft shreds $2.79 bogo
2 Cream Cheese $1.89 bog0
= $13.05

-2x $5/5 mq
$3 cat from Aquapods

=$.05 +tax

There's also a good deal on Smuckers/Jif.
When you buy 5 participating items (Smuckers, Jif, Kellogg's participating cereals, Capri Sun), get $5 off instantly. No more than 2 like items in your transaction.

Here's my plan
2 Jif 2/$4
2 Smuckers 2/$4
1 Capri Sun 2.07
-$5 instant

Use 2x $1/2 8.8 RP
=$3.07 oop for all 5 items!

And finally, This deal on Glade!
Purcahse $8 on Glade and receive $3 off your order instantly.
Glade Jar candles $2.49/ea

Do this
4 Glade jar candles 2.49/ea
- $3 instant
= $10.96

2x BOGO q's 9.26.10 SS = $6.98

=$3.98 oop
Earn 2x $2 oyno cats (wyb 2 Glade, get $2)


1 comment:

  1. I hit up FL today for 13 packs of shredded cheese and 4 cream cheeses! I haven't seen a price better than $.40 a pack lately! I'd been holding onto my $5/5 q's for awhile! I had no idea that there was a limit, and no one said anything to me about getting that much in one transaction! Maybe because I only used 5 coupons- 3 $5/5 and 2 $1/1, which is why I got an odd number of items!

    My freezer is busting from the cheese and discounted meat, not to mention all the Green Giant veggies from the most recent HT super doubles!!

    Although, there is a cat deal starting on 10/13 at Food Lion, I think for $5 wyb 5 Kraft? So if it is as sweet or sweeter than this, I just might hit it again!

    Wish we used more cream cheese since it was free, but we don't.....hmmmmm, maybe I need to research some recipes using it! I still have several $5/5 since it reset!

    Thanks for the tip about just calling Rite Aid corporate! I will if they don't respond by the weekend and definitely will if something happens again!