Thursday, September 23, 2010

UPDATE! Rite Aid Olay deal next week


This deal is unlimited! And! It's accumulating... so whatever you have leftover at the end will accumulate - I purchased five of these deals, with $3xx leftover after each transaction. I then purchased four olay cleansers, using the $2/1 coupons from this past weekend's P&G, with some fillers and received another $10 up!
(does that make sense?)

Some people have reported not getting their $10 up when they used the $10 up to pay (so fair warning).

Here's a great deal on Olay at Rite Aid next week!

Olay products are Bogo50% off, so I'm not totally sure how the register will handle buying three, with different values, but hopefully, it will ring up the items like this...


Olay Moisturizer $8.49
Olay Moisturizer $4.24 (50% off $8.49)
Olay Eye Roller $21.99 {If you have a discount on your wellness card, this item will get the discount...hopefully!}
=$34.72 {with no discount}

$5/25 RAq
$1/1 Olay mq 9.12.10 SS x2
Free Olay Eye Roller wyb Olay moisturizer mq 9.12.10 SS {Max value $19.99}
$1/10 Skin Care Wellness RAq HERE
$2/1 Olay RAq from Flu booklet
= - $29.99

=$4.73 oop +tax

Earn $10 +up wyb $30 Olay products
Then! There's a new rebate coming in the paper this weekend. (No details yet, but hopefully, it will go right along with this deal! Will update when I have the info.)

If you have a discount, it will be even less, since you will get the full value off for the eye roller.

The register also could handle the purchase like this (giving you the eye roller as one of the bogo items, and the moisturizer getting the wellness discount)

Olay Eye roller $21.99
Olay Moisturizer $4.24
Olay Moisturizer $8.49 (with your wellness discount coming off this item)

We'll have to wait and see- but it's a small difference, in the end. I will let you guys know when I try it on Sunday to see how it rings up.


  1. Hello again chica. Question: Is the $1/10 skincare wellness Q from your account (i.e. is this a one-time use Q or is this a generic Q that anyone can use repeatedly)?

  2. Thanks so much for the tip! I stopped by this morning and paid $9, mostly in UPs, and got the $10 UP. I have really been wanting to try the eye roller.

  3. Kel- no, you can print and use it as many times as you want! :)

  4. Gracias. I used it today and it came in handy. :) I'm so thankful for your posts. Thanks for taking the time. I always find something here that I missed.