Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kroger haul today

I finally made it to Kroger to use all my Betty Crocker potato printables (from four computers and three websites -,,

I didn't want a bunch of small fillers, and my grandmother had given me some money to pick her up some tomatoes, so I just spent more oop instead of rolling the cats. Now I have the cats leftover to use on the digital coupon deal this week! (more on that later)

21 Betty Crocker potato pouches
1.12 lb tomatoes on the vine
Total tax: $1.17
Total oop: $6.12

With $18 in cats leftover!


  1. Brandy

    Hello, this is auctioncitybiz from HCW. I went to Kroger today and the cat deal worked exactly like you said it would. I had to let the cashier scan my coupons for me for each of 3 deals. They don't let you scan your own coupons for some reason. I rolled 2 cats and have one more for Monday when I return.It was really cool to see that 3 dollar cat come rolling out each time. I'm so excited!! Now I will have to read up about Kroger!! Thank you so much for your help. Julie

  2. Hi Julie! YAY!! I looooove Publix, but you can get the occasional good deals at Kroger too! :) Some of the stores here want to scan my coupons too, but I still like the self-checkout because I feel like I can take my time and not be rushed. Woohoo! Glad I could help! (oh and your Publix might take those Kroger cats too ;) )