Sunday, April 4, 2010

Frees this week 4.4.10

oops! Left out Rite Aid- will add them tomorrow. :)


U by Kotex Feminine Care $3.49, earn $2.50rr
-$1/1 printable HERE
=-$.01 after rr

Pilot Erasable Frixion Pens $1.19
-$1 Wags monthly q
*Look for packages with a MIR on the back. $4.50 back wyb 3. Buy three for $.57 total oop and get back $4.50!

Oral-B CrossAction pro-Health toothbrushes 3/$9, earn $3rr wyb 3
-$2/1 Oral-B CrossAction 4.4.10 P&G
=Free after rr wyb 3 w/ 3 coupons

Complete Multi-Purpose Solution $8.99, earn $8.99 ecb
=Free after ecb

Stride Gum $.99, earn $.99 ecb
=Free after ecb

Schick Hydro 3 or 5 blade razor system with hydrating gel reservoir $8.97, earn $6 ecb
-$3/1 Schick disposable razor mq 3.21.10 SS
=-$.03 after ecb

Soyjoy bars (look for clearanced bars at 50%off!) @ $.65/ea, earn $2ecb wyb 4 bars (limit 5)
-B2G1 mq 3.14.10 SS

Buy 12 bars $.65/ea
-4x B2G1 mq's
=$5.20 oop, Earn $6 ecb's
=-$.80 after ecb

*Super Doubles at KMart this week. Lots of rules. No overage on doubles. Only 5 coupons per day WITH loyalty card. Card must be scanned at the beginning of the transaction. IF you are near a KMart and decide to run in- a few things you might be interested in:

All detergent 2/$8
-$2/1 mq 2.14.10 RP

Pedigree Dentastix $3.99
-$2/1 mq 3.7.10 SS

VitaminWater $1
-$1/2 tearpad

Scrubbing Bubbles $2.99
-$1.50/1 mq 3.7.10 RP
~Catalina deal at KMart on a host of products including Scrubbing Bubbles, Dial, Angel Soft and a bunch of other brands. If you buy $20 worth, you get a $5 coupon. If you buy $30, you get a $10 coupon.

Scenario 1:
7 Scrubbing Bubbles $2.99/ea
-7x $1.50/1 mq (only five will double)
=$2.93 oop + tax, earn $5 coupon
=$2.07 mm after coupon

Snuggle dryer sheets $1.97 (prices vary!)
-$3/1 mq 3.28.10 RP
(you may get overage so grab a filler)

Purina Mighty Dog $.57
-$3/5 3.28.10 RP

Pillsbury biscuits (and other participating items) $.59/ea for small cans
-$.75/3 blinkie (hanging right there next to them!)
~earn $4 oyno cat wyb 6 Pillsbury biscuits

6 Pillsbury biscuits $.59/ea
-$.75/3 blinkie
=$2.94 for six, plus earn $4 oyno cat!

Betty Crocker Pouch Potatoes $1.09/ea
-$.40/1 ip (not currently available, I bet there will be at the beginning of the month!)
-$.40/1 Cellfire HERE or Shortcuts HERE
-$.25/1 mq 3.28.10 SS {we did not get this in Nashville!}
~earn $3 oyno cat wyb 3 Betty Crocker potatoes

3 Betty Crocker Pouch Potatoes $1.09/ea
-$.40 cellfire
-$.40 shortcuts
-$.40/1 ip x3 =$2.40 (after doubles)
=$.07 for three, plus earn $3 oyno cat!

Food Lion
McCormick Cinnamon $.87 (sale!)
-$1/1 ip or 3.214.10 RP

Snuggle dryer sheets $2.99
-$3/1 mq 3.28.10 RP

Purina Mighty Dog $.60 - sale ($.75 regular)
-$Free mq 3.28.10 RP
(you will get the regular retail of the item, which is $.75, but the item will be $.60 after your MVP is scanned)

Purina Mighty Dog $.57
-$3/5 3.28.10 RP

Uncle Ben's Long Grain boxed rice $1.00 (sale!)
-$1/1 3.28.10 SS

**There is a crazy catalina deal going on right now at Food Lion involving Taco bell dinner kits but there's no rhyme or reason to how it's printing. Basically, when you spend $8 or more in Taco Bell kits, you are supposed to get a $3 oyno cat. The total is based off your pre-MVP price, so if you scan your items, then your card, it should print a catalina. Some of the kits are regularly $4.49, on sale for 3/$5. So you buy two for a post MVP price of $3.34 and you should get a $3 oyno cat. You can roll this deal. Some people are reporting that you have to buy the same kind at the same time. I haven't had luck with this deal, I bought two of the same kind and got a $2 oyno cat, then I did the exact same deal and didn't get a cat at all. So who knows. But if you want to try it, and you're at Food Lion anyway... there you go.

Dawn dish detergent $1.49
-$.50/1 mq 4.4.10 P&G
-$.50/1 Pxq P&G Future Friendly booklet
=-$.01 w/doubled mq
Plus use Publix q from Future Friendly booklet for free reusable bag wyb 2 participating P&G products from the booklet

Nestle Coffeemate $1.99 bogo
-$.50/1 mq 2.7.10 RP
= Free (after doubles)

Green Giant Frozen Vegetables 10/$10
-$.50/1 mq HERE
=Free (after doubles)

Snuggle dryer sheets $2.93 (some stores reporting inexpensive Snuggle so check while you're there!)
-$3/1 mq 3.28.10 RP

Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer $7.99
-$3/1 PXq "One Stop One Store" booklet
-$5/1 printable

Prevacid 14 ct $10.79
-$5/1 PXq Green Adv Flyer
-$6/1 mq 3.28.10 SS, 3.14.10 SS

Mahatma rice packets $.89
-$.50/1 mq 2.7.10 RP


  1. There's also a B2G1 free Coffee Mate printable coupon. Buy 3, use 2 $.50/1 coupons & the B2G1 free to get all 3 bottles for free!

  2. Hi can you use the Mahatma on red beans and rice ect. or just the plain rice? Thanks. Julie

  3. I wish our publix doubled it coupons.

  4. Anon- my Mahatma coupon says $.50 off your next purchase of Mahatma or Watermaid Rice, so I take that to mean any rice made by those two brands. So yes, I would say you can use it on a red beans and rice, if it's a mahatma or watermaid product. HTH!

    Lisa- I know, those doubles are nice! Sometimes I wish we had true bogo though, we miss out on a lot of free deals because of the way our items ring up half price, so I guess it's about even.

  5. There is a way to get the Coffeemate free without doubles- Since the creamer is bogo- your coffeemate rings up like this:

    Coffeemate $1.99
    Coffeemate $0
    Coffeemate $1.99
    Coffeemate $0

    So if you buy 6, you get three free with the store sale, leaving $5.98 oop. Publix policy is that you may use one coupon on each item in a bogo sale. So use 2 B2G1 coupon for $3.98, then use four $.50/1 coupons = $2.00
    = 6 Free.

    Looks like this:
    Coffeemate $1.99 -$.50/1
    Coffeemate $0 -$.50/1
    Coffeemate $1.99 -B2G1 = $1.99
    Coffeemate $0 -$.50/1
    Coffeemate $1.99 -$.50/1
    Coffeemate $0 -B2G1 = $1.99
    =$5.98 - $5.98
    =0 oop

  6. (for us the bogo coupon will only take off $.99 or $1.00, not $1.99)

  7. Thanks for the reminder on the rice packets. I just can't seem to keep them all straight (must be losing my mind at an early age!! LOL!). :)

  8. I love having all the free after coupons items gathered together in one place. Thanks!!!