Thursday, January 20, 2011

Walgreens Diaper deal!

I don't know about you guys, but my stash of diapers is running low and my son has grown out of all the cloth dipes we have. So I am in desperate need of some diapers! I actually had to pay full price for some at Rite Aid this week!!! (used +ups and a RAvvq, so no real cash, but STILL! $11.99 for a pack! RIDICULOUS!)

Anyway, there's a decent sale at Walgreens next week, and if you start THIS week, you can get them free next week.

THIS week:
4x Sinex $5/ea
-$4/1 mq x4
=$4 oop, Earn $10rr

(if you have rr's already, like a $5 one, do this:)
4x Sinex $5/ea
1x Thermacare travel $2.50
fill $.29

-$4/1 x4 Sinex mq
-$1/1 Thermacare ip HERE
-$5/1 rr

=$.79 oop
Earn $5rr, $10rr

NEXT week:
1 Huggies $8.99
Colgate Pro-Clinical $3.49

-$2/1 Huggies mq 1.23.11 SS

=$.49 oop
Earn $2rr, $2.50rr

If your store is out of Sinex, or you don't have any more q's, try this deal next week!
6 Maalox (regularly priced $6.79, 25% off) $5.09/ea

-$5/1 x6 Maaloxq

=$.54 oop
Earn $10 rr

Then, use that to get your Huggies.


  1. Good to know! My son is trying to potty train, we have good days and bad days.

  2. Hey Brandy! How old is your son? Mine will be 3 on Feb 25, and could care less about the potty. So I will continue to buy diapers until we start to make SOME progress (at least going once a day).

    I got a raincheck for Huggies a few weeks ago when they were $6.99. I got the raincheck for 4, and bought 2 last Saturday, and the nice cashier marked out the "4" and put a "2", so I can get 2 more at that price! I wonder if they would let me use it next week? Seems an awesome time to use it, especially with the $2 off coupon in this Sunday's paper.

    Ya know what? I started going to CVS 2 years ago for all their awesome ECB deals on diapers (mostly Huggies). But I haven't seen any good diaper deals there in months, really. I blew all my ECBs on last minute gifts on Christmas Eve. Thank goodness Wags has had some good deals lately!