Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rite Aid Christmas Clearance

In case any of you guys don't know, (and I don't see how you could have missed it...) the Rite Aid Christmas items are all on clearance for 90% off. Everything that was ever in the Christmas aisle was included with fews  exceptions (bath sets, cd's, dvd's and pillow pets, mostly).

My store had little Christmas items left, but I went to the other store today and hit the jackpot! None of the toys were marked as clearance, but I knew they were, and bought two carts of toys (birthdays? check.) for $19.00! Nothing was over $1.99, and much of it was $1.49.

They even still had a train set and a dollhouse ($3.99 each!) and one of those tall dolls (the same height as my daughter, practically! ($2.99)

I was shocked there was so much still there, but I am thrilled to be set on gifts for a while. :)

Go check it out!

If you didn't really shop Christmas items, look for toys, wrapping paper ($.19!), stuffed animals, Gifts like binoculars, fountains, electric shavers and so forth, all 90% off, if you can find them. ;)

Good luck!

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