Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Walgreens deals, week of 1.2.11, Free Diapers, Vitamins, Detergent, Lipgloss/Lipstick ... Wags... is BACK!

Hello everyone!

I know I've been absent for a while, so hopefully I can pick it up a little. I got roped into using up all the 5/25's at Rite Aid before the end of the year, and things have slowed a little, so I'm able to take a breath!

Walgreens is having a super duper week this week! I went from $0 in rr's to $115 in rr's for practically nothing, $30 in tax probably.

Here's the deals!

L'Oreal products, buy $15, get $5 rr (says specified products, but clearanced lip glosses and lipsticks are working).
CLearance lip gloss: $2.59/ea
Clearance lipstick: $2.79/ea
-$5/2 mq 1.2.11 RP (this coupon is coded for price entry, $5 will have to be entered when it beeps)

6 Clearance lipgloss $2.59/ea = $15.54
-3x $5/2 mq
= $.54, get $5 rr
= $4.46 MM

Natrol Acai $10.99 BOGO
-$2/1 10.10.10 RP
-$3/1 mq inside package (These are expired, but many have had luck, opening one in front of the cashier and having them accepted)
-$5/1 IVC in January booklet

2 Natrol $10.99 (bogo)
-2x $2/1 mq
-$5/1 IVC (will take off $10 when scanned)
=$3.01 OVERAGE (buy fillers to absorb)

Celsius Tea $3.99, get $3rr
-$1/1 HERE
=Free after rr

Oral B Toothbrush $2, earn $1 rr
-$1/1 mq, any OralB brush, P&G booklet
=Free after rr

Children's Oscillococcinum $8.99, get $9 rr
-$2/1 1.24.10 RP (Yes, that's LAST January)
-$2/1 HERE  (A warning, these coupons are coded incorrectly and WILL beep. They will have to be manually entered)
-$5/1 IVC in Wags January booklet
=$7 MM, after rr
(note, the IVC coupon does not work on the children's, but since it does not specify, and only states 6ct, many stores are price modifying the product to $3.99, to account for the Wags $5 coupon)

Omega Factor-3 $10, get $10 rr
-$3/1 mq inside package
=$3 MM, after rr

Salonpas Arthritis Pain Patches $5.99, get $6 rr
=free after rr

Finish detergent $3.49, get $1.50 rr
-$2.25 mq 1.2.11 SS
= -$.26 after rr

Huggies $6.99 sale
-$2.50 ip

Here's a scenario idea:
Scenario 1 a.k.a. Nearly free diapers, Detergent, lipstick and vitamins

Transaction 1
2 Natrol Acai $10.99 BOGO
6 L'Oreal lipstick $2.79/ea = $16.74
Finish $3.49
1 Clearance Christmas $.10

2 $2/1 Natrol mq
1 -$2.25 mq Finish
3 $5/2 L'Oreal mq
$5 Wags IVC Natrol

=$.07 oop +tax

Earn $1.50 rr, $5 rr

Transaction 2 (if you don't want to deal with the Osc q issue, leave it out, toss in a $.51 filler and use the $5rr from the last transaction) 
Huggies $6.99
Children's Osc... $8.99
fill $.10

$2.50/1 mq Huggies
$2/1 Osc mq
$5/1 Wags Osc IVC
$5 rr
$1.50 rr
= $16

=$.08 oop +tax
Earn $9 rr


  1. Just have to shout " You're Awesome !!!" Thanks !

  2. Thank you for posting that there was an Oscillococcinum coupon in last Jan insert! I was about to skip the deal this week, because arguing with the store and even district manager (yes, tried, failed twice) is pointless. They won't put through a coupon, esp a printed coupon, that beeps. But I have that insert coupon!!!

    Glad to see you back posting. :D

  3. Hey Brandy, can go in your settings and put my email address so it sends me an email when you post? I keep forgetting to check my Dashboard.
    Wish I'd read this before today, didn't know about the $3.00 Q's inside all those boxes.