Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rite Aid, week of 1.16, deals to pick up (or get rainchecks for)

Let me tell you, right now I am a little overdone with all the new couponers. Most of the people are fine. They all come in and get their couple of items in each deal and everyone gets some, but there are a few shelf clearers. I saw the deals, saw the post on H2S and knew I better get my kids up and get our butts to RA when they opened the doors if I stood a chance of getting any of the deals.

So I was the first on in the parking lot... followed by another couponer several seconds later. I got to the door, plunked my son in the cart and headed immediately for paper products. I DID warn the Store Manager that he might want to try to order up on these free after up items... so hopefully more will be coming in on the truck Friday. Meanwhile, I was the first one to get there, so I snagged the things I wanted, left plenty for others, and the other woman came around the corner... So it begins.

I am not pleased with the sudden influx of couponing being the "in" thing. TLC and their Extreme Couponing show can kiss my big toe. If they would show the idea of couponing; matching sales with coupons to get items for pennies, or next to nothing, stock up for four to six weeks, until the next sale cycle, that would be one thing, but the people chosen have been told to go crazy, and TLC is calling these couponers "Extreme Shopaholics" in thier little blurb about the show. Makes us look like a bunch of crazies.

So then, as I'm checking out, the SS comes over and vents about a phone call she just received. Some lady called and stated "I was there last week and witnessed lots of EXTREME HOARDING and I wanted to make sure the items I wanted are in stock before I bring my toddler out". Oh brother. I was there too, and I'll tell you what I saw. Ten to Fifteen couponers buying several of each deal apiece, which led to cleared shelves.

Then, I asked the SS what she wanted (thinking toilet paper/ tissues) and she wanted Tide. TIDE!!! pretty sure she had nothing to worry about.

The SS was really aggravated someone was calling her to be judgmental.... so listen ya'll, don't be so quick to judge others. It makes you look really bad. Oh and also - saw the lady before I left, and her son is older than mine, and heaven forbid me bring my son to Rite Aid in the 32 degree sunny weather. He'll survive. You snooze you lose.

At any rate, vent over. Here's the deals. If there aren't any left, get some rainchecks.

RA Toilet paper 4pk or single roll: $1, get $1 +up
=Free after +up

RA 65 ct boxed tissues (not 85 ct!): $1, get $1 +up
=Free after +up
*This also overlaps with another deal, buy 10 tissues, get $3 +up, so buy ten and get $13 in ups back.

RA Napkins $2.99 BOGO, get $1 +up/ea
= $.99 for two

TGIFridays Snacks (Potato Skins, Mozzarella Sticks) $.97, get $1 +up back
=Free after up

Hormel Chili 4/$5, get $1 +up wyb 4 AND monthly $1 +up/ea
-$.55/2 mq
=Free after +ups (slight mm with mq's)

Viactiv Soft Chews $6, get $3 +up
-$3/1 mq
=Free after +up
(might be a better deal week of 1/30, so might want to hang on to your q's)

EsterC BOGO ($5.99, $6.49 are cheapest items)
-$2/1 mq
-$1/1 VVq
=$.99 for 2 w/ 2 mq's and 1 vv

Halls Cough Drops 2/$3, get $1 +up wyb 2
-$.55/1 mq (blinkie) or $1/1 mq ip (no longer available)
-$.50/1 vvq
=$.50 mm with two $1/1's and a vv, after +up

Clearasil wipes, cream or gel $5.49 (regular price) ($4.39 with 20% wellness discount), get $1+up/ea
-$2/1 mq ip
-$2/1 in-adq
=mm with both q's and any wellness discount, after +up

P&G deal is not t'oo shabby, if you're brand loyal (like my Mom is to Tide). Also, try this:
2 Old Spice body wash $3.97/ea
2 Old Spice deo $3.97/ea
3 Sinex $4.97/ea

2 Old Spice BOGO (buy deo, get wash free) mq
2 $1/1 Old Spice deo mq (from P&G home mailer)
3 $4/1 Sinex mq
= $21.94

= $8.85, get $10 +up

Some good deals on food items if you have RA Monopoly money to spend on items you need. ;)

Mott's Applesauce 4/$5, get $1 +up wyb 4

Goldfish 2/$3, get $1 +up wyb2
=$1/ea after +up

Kellogg Rice Krispies $1.99
-$2/2 mq (no longer available)
=$1.98 for two


  1. I went this afternoon strictly for the tissue. I was going to get 10 only if they had plenty on the shelf, so that I could get the reported extra +up. I get in there and there is a huge limit of 1 per customer sign. I'm sure they are doing that because some people will clear shelves, but they had tons in stock. Since the ad didn't state a limit, I was a little upset. I plan to try another one tomorrow, so we'll see.

  2. We have several new Publix shelf-clearers lately and it's such a huge annoyance. According to the cashier chat, so certainly not fact, they are going into the re-sale business somehow and they clear out at least 3 stores every Thursday. I've just started to shop on the other side of town, but miss shopping at the store that's only 5 minutes away :( One can only keep track of so many rainchecks!

  3. Leah, yes, I can see why the stores would limit these. Reports of people literally taking an arm and swiping the shelf into their cart below. A bit much. I almost wish there was a limit of 5-10 on these deals, still allows you to get a small stash, and leave a few for some people.

    I was in first, and left PLENTY for others after me, getting ten of each tp and ten tissues. I can't say the same for all the others though- one woman and her hub each had a cart full of tissues and toilet paper! They had pretty much cleaned it out. After the initial run of crazed couponers herded out, one of the cashiers went to the back and found two more cases of single rolls of tp and another case of tissues. Since we desperately NEED tissues, I did buy ten more. We easily go through a box to two in a week. (I know, nuts).

    The whole thing is frustrating, and I really feel bad for the stores that have to tell people that those deals are gone on Sunday afternoon.

    Although, not brilliant on RA's part. They HAD to know that free paper products, with no limits, would bring out the people cleaning shop.
    In no time flat RA is going to be like CVS, limiting every deal. That makes me sad. But it's coming.

    Alvin- sorry! Luckily my Publix has been easier to find items at lately, so that's nice. Hopefully given time, it will slack off. I have a fat stack of rainchecks to keep up with myself.

  4. Thanks for posting these deals Brandy. You mentioned the napkins to me, but the store I went to today only had one pkg. Same with the softscrub (which I really need). It wasn't "my fav store" so hopefully I can find both items there. They had 9 boxes of tissue ("kleenex") left so I picked up one box that wouldn't produce an UP so I could get the $3 UP. It didn't work! I thought about calling CS, but my friend said they asked her everything but her bra size for a $5UP. I don't need them all in my business for $3UP so I'm just out of luck. I will take the extra box back.

    I did call over to "my fav store" today to see if anything was left. I had told the manager what was coming, but he thought he was covered. One lady and her son cleaned him out this morning. He was not happy. They purchased lots of 10 and took the sixty rolls of tp he had on shelf. He has to try and fedex more of the rolls and tissue/kleenex in for the week. The 4-pk were still in stock. I forgot to find out about the plates, but thanks to your post above I won't worry.Thanks for the info re:goldfish. I think these may work for snack day at school.

  5. Brandy, thanks for the info. on the napkins. I was just wondering what those cost this morning. I'm out of napkins and that's a great deal. Gracias. :)

  6. I think you only get a $1 UP on the napkins wyb 2. Just an FYI....let me know if you have received $1 for each. The ad looks as though it states $1 for two.

  7. Kel, I think you're right, sorry about that! I haven't bought any, so I don't know for sure, but that is what's advertised.