Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dead Deal!

I know, I know, I'm driving you guys bananas with the Rite Aid deals lately, but it's the only store I've gotten really excited about lately! I even cashed out almost all my CVS ecb's and I only have $6 rr's right now. In comparison, I have over $100 in +ups!

Deal died this afternoon. :(

There's a huge Candy deal going on right now at Rite Aid! Many of the smaller bags of candy, not the Halloween ones, but the ones on the regular candy aisle (not the teeny ones on the pegs), they are advertised as 2/$5, get $1 +up back when you buy 2. Well, apparently the non-chocalte candies are also producing a $2 +up for EVERY bag purchased.

So, without any coupons at all, you do this:

2 bags candy 2/$5
=$5 oop

earn $1 +up wyb 2 bags, as advertised
earn (2) $2 +ups (unadvertised)
=Free +tax!

There is a $.50/$5 candy purchase wellness coupon available when you log into your wellness account, so that covers your tax.

Of course if you buy $25, you can use a $5/$25 coupon.

AND, many of the candy is regularly priced low enough that if you have a 20% wellness discount (like I do), they're actually cheaper than $2.50!

So here's what I did
(started with $73.80 +ups)

Transaction 1
3 Kelloggs Apple Jacks $2.00/ea
2 Kelloggs Rice Krispies $2.00/ea
2 Kelloggs Frosted Flakes $2.00/ea
2 Kelloggs Froot Loops $2.00/ea
1 Kelloggs Corn Pops $2.00/ea
4 Blow Pops $2.23/ea (after 20% discount)

1 $1.50/2 Kelloggs ip
4 $1/2 Kelloggs ip/blinkie
1 $1/2 Kelloggs VVq (Sept)
1 $.50/$5 candy RAq
6x $2.69 +ups (Crest)
=$.28 +tax

2x $2 +ups (Kelloggs)
4x $2 +ups (Candy)
2x $1 +ups (candy)

Transaction 2
2 Jolly Ranchers $2.50/ea
1 Blow Pops $2.23
2 Skittles $2.50/ea
2 Tootsie Roll Midgees $2.23/ea
2 Starburst $2.50/ea
1 Caramel Cream $2.39
1 Cow tales $2.39

1 $.50/$5 candy q
8x $2.69 +ups (Crest)


11 $2+ups
5 $1 +ups

Transaction 3
5 Jolly Ranchers $2.50/ea
2 Mini Cow Tales $2.39/ea
1 Jolly rancher Lollipops $2.50
3 Blow Pops $2.23/ea

$.50/$5 candy q
$10 +up
3x $2.69 +ups

=$.21 +tax

11 $2 +ups
5 $1 +ups

Transaction 4
3 Dum Dums $2.39/ea
2 Swedish Fish $2.50/ea
4 Sour Patch Kids $2.50/ea
1 Lifesavers Wintergreen $2.50

$.50/$5 candy q
$4/6 Swedish Fish/ Sour Patch (& other candies listed) [This coupon is incorrectly coded and WILL beep!]
$10 +up
2x $2.69 +ups


10 $2 +ups
5 $1 +ups

Transaction 5
1 Oral B Vitality TB (clearance) $11.99
2 Werthers $2.50/ea
2 Tootsie Roll Pops $2.23/ea
2 Airheads $2.50/ea

$10/1 Oral B tb
$1/$10 Oral care RA Wellnessq
4x $2 +ups (Candy)
2x $1 +ups (candy)

=$.45 +tax

6x $2 +ups
3x $1 +ups

Ending +up balance: $100.69


  1. I tried the candy deal this morn, and the +ups printed, but my cashier ripped them off and said I couldn't have them because I didn't buy "Club Choc". I was not happy when I left there...

  2. Well, thanks for the great post. I, for one, will be hitting Rite-Aid again this week because of your post. Free candy for Halloween is always good. Thank you for taking the time to post this deal Brandy!

  3. Brandy, can you link the $.50/$5 candy purchase Q? I didn't receive it in my account. There is a new set of Q's in my account for Oral, Electronics, vitamin and greeting cards.

  4. Brandy, just got back from Rite-Aid and for some reason the $2/1 UP didn't print for any of the bags. I tried purchasing Tootsie Rolls, Blow pops, skittles, and starbursts. The $1/2 UP didn't print either for 8 of the bags. The register only printed one of them (I bought ten bags). I wonder if the $2/1 UP only prints for Wellness card customers that have reached your level (i.e. the 20% off level). What do you think? Feedback?

  5. Read online that this deal is dead today (Friday).

  6. This deal died this afternoon. :( Bummer!!!

    Leah, really? I'd be really mad. Did they give you the $1 ones you were supposed to get? Bc they all printed mixed up. Sorry that happened to you!!!

    Hope some of you guys got in on this deal before it ended!

  7. Same here, +ups didn't print and so I asked the manager to void the transaction so I could get the 20+ups I originally paid with and boy was he confused even though I kindly said you can give me store credit. It took 15 minutes but he was nice and I let him talk to me like a newbie who didn't understand how the +ups work.
    I love Riteaid

  8. Bummer. I never get to get in on the deals.

  9. Christa, I did the same thing. Returned the candy right at the register and had them give me the balance back on a gift card since I paid for the candy with UP rewards.

    Thanks for the post anyway Brandy. I'll bet that took a long time to type. I appreciate you!

  10. whew, I must have just made it on that one. I went in Friday morning and bought 16 bags and got them all!