Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Really quickly...

Because I have got to get to bed, but apparently there are a ton of unadvertised clearance items at RA right now, and I wanted to tell ya'll about a few. I will try to post more of them tomorrow if I get a chance, but here's some I found. There are cuopons for all of these, but I don't have time to post them now, hit up a board with a database, and you should be able to track them down!

Hope this helps a few of you!

Starbucks bagged coffee $2.37 (regularly $9.49)

Campbell's Soup at Hand, Classic Tomato $.49 (regularly $1.99)

Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter $.74 (regularly $2.xx)

OralB Vitality tb $11.99 (regularly $34.xx) ($10 coupon in last P&G and $1/10 wellness q makes this $.99!)


  1. Hey Brandi! I need your expert knowledge about Wags! lol! Next week, Huggies will be $8.99, less $2 RR, and Gillette razors will be $9.99, less $4 RR. I have $2.50 off Huggies, and $2 off Gillette coupons. I have not been to Wags in months, so no RRs to use to start. What scenario do you recommend for the least oop if I want to roll between the 2 products? If I start with Huggies, then I pay $6.49 (plus tax)oop. If I start with Gillette, I pay $7.99 oop. So should I start with Huggies, or is there some secret you can tell me? lol! Or better yet, if there is some great deal *this* week I can do to get a starter RR, then please let me know. Thanks! :-)

  2. hmmm- I haven't really looked at Wags in a bit either! ;) it's been so sssllllooooowwww there. lol.

    Let's see, this week, the Schick Hydro razors are free after rr, as well as the EOS, so you might start this week with

    trans 1
    EOS lip $3
    $3 +tax oop

    Earn $3 rr

    Trans 2
    Schick Hydro $7.99
    Filler (cup?) $.16

    -$3 rr
    -$4 Schick mq
    =#1.15 oop +tax

    Earn $4 rr

    Then you'll have the $4 rr to start with for next week, having spent about $4.50, and getting a razor and some lip balm. :)

    I'll get back to you on the rolling of the two next week... gotta get the kiddo to bed.

  3. Brandi,
    I am jealous of your starbucks find. None in my area but am bummed cause now they are selling Riteaid coffee instead of Starbucks and I am not sure how well that will go over in my household!

    I am soooo in love with the Riteaid deals I haven't been to cvs or wags in forever. Except last week the clorox wipes were suppose to be a MM' at wags well they were not and I spent 3 oop. As we all now 3$ can easily buy you 25$ worth of goods at Riteaid so I am sticking to the one store.

    Happy couponing to all

  4. Thanks! OK, so I am putting in an official request for a Wags post for next week! lol! My friend buys PullUps, and they are also included in the Huggies RR deal. Neither one of us has done much with Wags since that awesome Vitamin D MM back in the spring.

  5. Mel- lol! Ok, I'll try!! :D

    Christa- I noticed that one of the Nashville stores I went to only had the RA coffee, but oddly, my regular store, I bought every bag they had *cough* um 12 bags. And then they got more in on their truck, and they're still ringing up sale price. Weird! Maybe they're trying to run it out of stock in the warehouse or something?

  6. Not sure where to post this but found a great deal at Riteaid, you probably already know but in case you don't here it is.
    Rogaine 20/1 VV 10/1 IP (rogaine site)
    The 1 month supply is 29.99 reg. price so with wellness card discount 6$ overage. Coupons go thru fine but YMMV if your cashier scrutinezes the picture is different on the VV than the product you are buying.
    Thanks for your site.
    Also I love I can do this deal all month!

  7. Christa- thanks! I hadn't seen that! :)