Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Rite Aid trips 10.3

If you need some ideas... here's what I did

Transaction 1
8 Crest $2.69/ea

4x $1/1 Crest tp 9.26 P&G
4x $.50/1 Crest tp 9.26 P&G
$1/10 Oral Care Wellness q
$10 +up

=$.52+ tax oop

Earned $2.69x8 +up ($21.52)

Transaction 2
6 Crest $2.69/ea
2 OralB toothbrush $2.69/ea
2x Goldfish (kid bribery) $.79/ea
1x M&M (filler)

1x $.75/1 OralB tb q (rouge magazine home mailer)
1x $.75/1 Crest q (rouge magazine home mailer)
2 $1/1 OralB tb RA Flu bookletq
5x $.50/1 Crest mq 9.26 P&G
$12 +up

Earn $2.69 x8 = $21.52

Transaction 3
1 mt dew $1.27
1 Water $.95
2 Kit Kat $.40/ea
10 Starbucks Coffee $2.37/ea

8x $2.69 +ups

=$.20 + tax
(Totally forgot to take my $1/1 Starbucks coupons! Argh! Luckily my store has loads more coffee. :) )


  1. Oh man. So sorry you forgot your Starbucks Q's. That is a total drag. Been there done that. Miss you girl!

  2. The kid bribery made me crack up. I had one of those in my shop today too! It was the two candy bars. LOL.

  3. You rock. Thanks so much for posting. I hope I can get over and get this deal before it ends. My sister couldn't find the Starbucks in her hometown. I don't know if someone cleaned them out or they never carried it. I hope to locate a bag or two for her. Hopefully I can start my rite aid shopping up before all of the good deals end.