Sunday, August 8, 2010


I hit Wags early today b/c I didn't know how many Biotrue were in stock and I needed them to roll my $10rrs. They only had three, so I'm glad I went early!

Proglide was a problem. The deal on those ends today, but apparently, corporate pulled it early, so not only were they ringing up full price ($12.99 instead of $9.89) they also were not producing the rr. The cashier price modified them for me, and then the mgr did a "return" of $15 and I got that back on a gift card, to make up for the $rr's not printing. (I bought three razors, so should have gotten 3 $5rr's).

Here was my transaction
1 Gillette Proglide $9.89 (price modified)
1 Dial Nutriskin $3.99
1 Biotrue $4.99
2 Penway folders $.09/ea

$4/1 Proglide
$4/1 Biotrue (found at WalMart)
$1/1 Dial ip
$10rr from Alive vitamins
=$.05 +tax

$3rr (dial), $4rr (Biotrue), shuold have gotten a $5rr for Proglide, but instead received $5 on a gift card

Then I did this at the second store:
1 Biotrue $4.99
1 folder $.09

$4/1 Biotrue
$1rr from Crayons last week


Earned $4rr

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  1. I got out early for the same reason. The store I went in only had three, too, but I only had 2 coupons left anyway.

    Stinks about the Proglide ending early.
    At least your store gave you the cash equivalent.