Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Need info about Harris Teeter

Could some regular Nashville-area Harris Teeter shoppers help me out?

I know the rules for triples/Super-duobles, but are the regular everyday rules the same? Max of twenty coupons doubled, no more than three like? (I know no more than two ip's...)

The Nashville area stores are really coupon unfriendly, so if you regularly shop at one...and know the answer... I'd love your input!



  1. Yes, a max of 20 coupons doubled per day. You could use more if it suits you --say, a $1.00 Q that won't double anyway.

    Also, MOST of the time, only 1 Q per B1G1 buy one per transaction. So silly, but its the way their computers are programmed. Once I tried to get a checker to do it before I realized their policy and she couldn't/wouldn't. Even called over a manager who wouldn't do it either. So I checked out with 1 Q and 1 jar of peanut butter...turned around and checked out again with another Q and another jar of peanut butter. lol. But its a hassle.

    That said, I've generally found the HT staff to be friendly. No problems with either on Hwy 100/Harding Pl.

    HTH :)

  2. I shop at Belle Meade and 21st and, although I love the selection and Starbucks at the new Belle Meade location, I have started shopping at 21st again because they scan the "Do Not Double" coupons instead of manually entering them so as not to double those. I always use the self-scan and have never had a problem with coupons. Belle Meade cashiers and managers have always been very nice to me, but as of a few months ago, are sticklers about not letting DND coupons double and not letting you use coupons on more than one BOGO item.

    And, yes, the coupon rules are the same every day as they are on triples/Super-doubles.

  3. Anon- thanks! I knew that about the bogo's with q's. and it stinks. :(

    Jen- well, now that is very interesting to learn! I thought all the Nashville stores were sticklersabout the dnd q's. I am going to have to try there! Lately I've only shopped at the Brentwood and Belle Meade stores, and always have bad experiences, so I only do it when there're REALLY good deals.

    I am wondering about the "three like" rule. If I am buying, say, pop-tarts, and I get five different flavors, can I use five q's? Or will I get shot down on that, for trying to do more than three like?

  4. They are very strict about the limit of 3-like items, even if different flavors, etc. They're stict on almost anything coupon-related.

    I found a great reference for HT coupon policy:

  5. Just fyi, there is a rumor on Hot Coupon World that super doubles will happen on the 11th.

    Also, I have used three manufacturer and two printable coupons on five same items. They don't seem to have a problem with that. My experience has been that they are more concerned with five of the same coupons rather than five different flavors of the same product.

  6. Brandy, the store on 21st is much friendlier than the other two Harris T stores. They often allow the use of the DND coupons but YMMV.

    To answer your question about the pop-tarts. No dice. You can only use three even if they are different flavors.

  7. see - no consistency! lol! Tahanks everyone :)

    DrMom- I did see that- Could be a great moneymaker on the Kelloggs/keebler products with super-doubles on pop-tarts and eggos and the catalina deal right now!

  8. The HT on Hwy 100 is my favorite and Belle Meade is my second choice. I went to 21st last year for my first triples event and was not impressed w/ the CS.

    So the three like rule exists after all? I had a problem redeeming four coupons for Organic Valley in Brentwood b/c I purchased one chocolate and two reduced fat. I had to go to Belle Meade to buy the fourth carton. Corporate said Bwood should have accepted the fourth coupon b/c I did not exceed the 20 coupon limit during the period.