Sunday, August 1, 2010

A few walgreens notes

There aren't many deals at Waglreens this week but there's one moneymaker, if your store will allow it.

Visine $3.99 (regular price)
-$2/1 mq (found in allergy booklets at Rite Aid)
-$2/1 wagsq in-ad
-$2/1 Wagsq in monthly booklet
= -$2.01

If you don't have the $2/1, there's a $1/1 Visine q in the 6.13.10 RP. A note, today, I could only get one per transaction. When I tried to get 2, the wags q's did not multiply.

There is a similar deal on Listerine, but I did not do that deal as I didn't have any mq's with me.
Listerine regular prices, $5.49 and $5.79.
If you have any $2/1 Listerine q's, you'll get a little overage with the two $2/1 Wags' q's.

There is supposed to be a 15% Friends/Family discount coupon available from tomorrow through Wednesday on Facebook, so that will lower the oop a little for your purchases.

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