Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why the drugstores?

Or, "I like WalMart, why should I shop at the drugstores? I don't use Alli weight loss, Depends, Poise, Polident, or any other random products that I have to buy to get a 'good deal'."

Well, here's the answer: drugstores sell products you do use on a regular basis. Toilet paper, health and beauty items like shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, even food items like cereal, soda, canned fruit, and staples like sugar. With the reward deals offered by drugstores, many times you actually make money in these deals. The offer might be, say, for a "Free after rewards tube of Crest", but if you have a $1 coupon for the product, you actually make a dollar to purchase the item. That dollar can be used toward something you need.

You might think drugstores are more expensive than WalMart, and that is true if you walk in and buy it at non-sale, shelf-pricing. But if you use your coupons on sale items, you can do very well indeed. Then that saved money can go into things you can't buy at drugstores, like produce, meat and so forth.

In addition, you might not use Polident, but someone somewhere does, and they would love a gift of that item. If you don't know anyone personally that is in need, do a little research on the internet and you will quickly come up with dozens of charities that will gladly take donations of this type.

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  1. It is very good to see you back. I missed your posts. I have been doing CVS and Walgreens for about 2 years and love it.