Friday, December 3, 2010

Walgreens moneymaker

I hope you all are stocking up on your free ++ Melatonin!

Natrol Melatonin $3, earn $3rr
-$3/1 printable
-$2/1 10.10 RP

Use the $3 ip, pay tax, get back $3rr!

Gotta love *almost* free money :)


  1. I got 2 today, hope to get 2 more tomorrow. I actually have been using melatonin since the summer, but I have not tried time release. I have read good reviews about this product.

    How many are you getting, Brandi? I may have to "buy" some bottles from you, if I can't get 2 more! lol! I would be happy to pay you the sales tax! lol!

  2. lol! I have taken Melatonin in the past, it's a great product. I am excited about the time release as well!

    I got lucky and found loads of it- I don't think anyone knew about the deal here! Only a few bottles were bought at the stores I went to. I was also able to pre-pay for some, since my store didn't get the ones I ordered on their truck.

    After the ones I preordered, I will end up with 56 bottles. hahahaha!!

    You're welcome to some- free of charge! lmk :D

  3. Oh I also had $3/1 q's from inside the boxes of Acai I bought earlier this year - so had those as well as the printables.

  4. 56 bottles! WOW! lol! I went back yesterday, and they had none. I have two coupons for $2 off that I got from the RP 10/10 insert. So I got a raincheck for 2 more at the $3 price. I know it won't produce a RR, but I am excited about getting them for $1 plus tax. The normal price on these bottles is $9.99 (at Wags, it's cheaper online).

    I may take you up on your offer! lol! Maybe some time after the new year, we could meet up at a Nashville store!

    Have you ever tried selling any products you get free like this? I bet you could easily sell this melatonin for $3 or even $5 a bottle on ebay.

  5. Great deal! Thanks for posting Brandy. :)