Monday, July 26, 2010

A deal at Rite Aid

Rite Aid has been hit or miss lately for me, what with the hiddne Up+ limits, the changes to the registers (not allowing coupons to go into tax) and so forth. So here's a deal I discovered that made me pretty happy! ;)

Colgate $3.00, earn $3 Up+
-$1/1 mq 7.11.10 SS
=$2.00 oop

Rolaids 12ct Chews $1.00 w/card
-$4/2 mq 6.6.10 RP
=$2 overage when you buy two

So here's my transaction
1 Colgate $3
2 Rolaids $1/ea

-$1/1 Colgate
-$4/2 Rolaids

Pay tax, earn $3 Up+

Repeat. This one is unlimited per card, so you will continue to get Up+s. If you do this enough, you can be on your way to qualifying for the Oral Rebate Gift Card.


  1. I didn't try this today at the stores I shopped, on account of these stores aren't that great to coupon shop at. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to do this deal a few times, though. And hopefully find some more Nivea. I woulda swore there'd have still been limits this week, like last. Grrr!
    I mean, I'm glad there's not, but that messed me up last week.

  2. Worked like a charm for me! I used the rolaids with q in two of my bigger scenarios too! Only did the above once. The rolaids weren't even marked at my store. I had an awesome trip.
    thanks for the tip Brandy!