Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Super Cheap Baby Wipes at Publix!

This deal may end tomorrow, 3/16, or it might have ended today. Or it might end whenever the ad in your area ends. . . someone will have to try it tomorrow to find out.

In case you didn't notice, there's a small deal that was only advertised on a coupon sheet available in stores.

Publix wipes refills 320ct 3 for $5. Yep. 3 for $5. These are normally $7.49 each. Word has it this was meant to be the tubs on sale, but on the flyer, it states the 320 ct, and even has a picture of the 320 count. Publix is honoring the price, but they're not drawing attention to it either!

The coupons on this sheet expire tomorrow, 3/16.

I do not know if that means this unadvertised sale (there are no tags in the store) ends tomorrow, or today, since our ad sale ended today here in TN, but if you're in need of wipes, for anything, not just wiping baby bottoms. . . this is a deal worth checking out.

Just pick one up and have CS price check it for you.

Hope you find it! If so, update me so I can post :)

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  1. Thanks so much for the heads up on this one! Now I wonder if you can get a raincheck if they are sold out because there is no mention of while quantities last on the flyer. Also, the $10 off $50 gas card has an expiration date of 3/16, not 3/15 when our ad expired. So if anyone has the ad that just expired with the coupon they may be able to pick up one today and use the wipes as part of the $25 qualifying purchase.